Software Services

Services Toozon's in-depth understanding and knowledge across the entire IT spectrum allows for end to end solutions from Software Development to Business Integration right through to day to day Support.

Our approach is refreshing, jargon free and most importantly we take the time to understand your business and its requirements.

The services we offer are flexible, scalable and can be tailored to the needs of your business ensuring you benefit from operational efficiencies and achieve the highest return on your investment.

To discuss your requirements to ensure you derive the best value for all your needs contact Swindon software experts.

Our Application Services include:
  • Software Development
  • Software Specification
  • Interface Design
  • Database Development
  • Business Integration
  • Deployment

Software Development

Services Our team of highly skilled developers are fluent across all industry standard languages and have years of experience in developing bespoke innovative software.

Each bespoke solution will enhance your business by:
  • streamlining efficiencies
  • increased productivity
  • enabling you to work smarter

Our approach to software development and how we will work with you on your project uses industry standard methodologies:
  • a comprehensive needs analysis is conducted
  • an understanding of current processes and future goals is obtained
  • we will visualise the plan and delivery from conception to completion
  • documentation containing a Viability Study, Software Specification and a fixed price to design, develop, deploy and support your solution is then issued

The size of your requirements is not an issue, our consultative approach ensures we accurately identify the right technologies and methods and apply these.

To discuss your requirements further and explore your options contact Swindon software experts.

Software Specification

Services To ensure you receive the best solution we spend the time that is necessary to capture and evaluate your needs. In doing this the proposal submitted ensures all aspects of the solution are addressed, including costs.

Key areas of the project lifecycle detailed in the proposal include:

  • Infrastructure requirements
  • Software integration
  • Interface design
  • Security issues
All of these factors are identified and due consideration is given from the outset to ensure you improve the return on your investment.

We also understand the complete end to end process of IT Networks, our team of highly skilled and qualified software engineers can offer a range of deployment methods which include:
  • Integration into your existing network
  • Pre Installation on new hardware
  • Provision your software by hosting it on-line

We want you to receive the best solution, from the outset, that integrates seamlessly into your business. Contact Swindon software experts to see how we can improve your business efficiencies.

Interface Design

Services With our collective experience of bespoke software solutions we are able to create an intuitive user interface.

We will work with you and your users and develop the user interface that can be easily adapted from the outset. After all, it is in the best interests of both parties that you maximise the operational efficiencies your solution will give from the earliest point of its deployment.

Additionally we are also able to analyse, re-design and re-develop your User Interfaces of existing custom built:
  • Software Applications
  • Tools
  • Websites

This allows consistent user experience leading to increased productivity and also takes into consideration your company branding guidelines.

The Interface design is just as important as the software itself so please contact Swindon software experts to get the most value from your software.

Database Development

Services We have demonstrated the highest level of experience in developing bespoke, innovative, powerful software solutions. Our team of database developers are highly skilled in the design and development of custom built database applications using industry standard technologies including:
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Access
  • Visual Basic
  • Visual Basic.NET

We can and have developed for companies of all sizes bespoke databases ranging from stand alone, multi site to multi user systems. We approach database development with additional technical services, which when combined with efficient software, gives you a solution that is of the highest quality and reliability from day one.

Once you have your database our services do not stop there. We can tailor a suitable maintenance and support package to assure you that your investment gives longevity and is developed in a way that can evolve with your business.

Additionally, if you require assistance with an existing database application our range of expertise can also help with this.

To review your database requirements then contact Swindon software experts.

Business Integration

Services Our consultative approach in understanding your needs and delivering the most appropriate solution ensures we take into consideration the wider context of what it is your business is trying to achieve. To that end our Business Integration service involves reviewing a number of technologies, components and management skills and combining them to deliver the best solution available to support your business.

Our employees have the vision to supply tailor made end to end business and software solutions by looking at business efficiency and understand the financial and operational constraints our customers face.

Software should be seen as a tool which can extend to all aspects of your technological environment. The solutions which are available to your business can bridge the gap of your strategic vision by integrating diverse technologies creating automated business solutions.

Integration will rationalise disparate business solutions into one common application. The way data and information is used is what will determine the success of your organisation and give you a competitive advantage.

To find out how our deployment programme will give the most value from your custom built application or integrated business system, contact Swindon software experts.


Services Once we have identified with you your business integration needs and created a software specification, interface design and how the database logic will flow, the next phase will be to plan the project management and deployment process. We use industry best practice methodologies detailing the project's key milestones, lines of responsibility, timelines and share this information with you.

Typically there are 4 key stages to a project:
  1. Viability study and customer requirements analysis
  2. Design and functional specification
  3. Project Management
  4. Final testing, training and project sign off
To achieve the highest return on your investment it is of significant importance to have a clear and agreed deployment plan. The ways in which your solution can be deployed can be discussed with you in more detail to meet your specific requirements.

Once we have successfully deployed your solution we can help create a training programme which can then be backed up with an annual maintenance contract covering helpdesk and technical support and software updates.

To understand more about our deployment programme contact Swindon software experts.